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As death slides over us
A shadow cast upon our lives
As the neighbour comes to take your skin
Rip it of your flesh while you are living
The nightmare fresh behind your eyes
The screams so loud you cannot hide
You know you are dying tonight

As you feel the knife cut through you
Like going through butter so easy and simple
At that point you wish you would be
Somewhere else than in the dream
You experience at this moment
And that keeps you locked and imprisoned
You would rather be free
Awake awake from your horrible dream
And stop the internal scream

Surreal death wish
No way out
Scream and shout
Serving your dish
Death an escaping bliss

Scorching fire
Hot desire
Red stars at the sky
A mysterious show
Don’t ask why
We are one with the universe tonight

Feel the energy
The rush
The never ending surge
Let it consume you
Become and rule you

Is it not great ?
To be master of your own fate ?

As I walk through the swamp
Of my past memories
I see demons and I see satyrs
That haunt and taunt me
They won’t leave me alone
Agonize me to the bone

Flesh burned away
Pain is here to stay
Cannot free and release my chains
Stuck on my deadly destructive ways
Can I win this exhausting race ?

Awoken from a terrible dream
Nothing is what it seems to be
Oh please, release me
Set my soul free for eternity

Unchain myself
Get out from the rain
Shelter from the never ending pain
Safe me and protect me from my ever raging brain

Have to jump off this running train
Help me and guide me
To the place were I would like to be and set me free

Agony and pain
Death and mutilation
Waste of nature
And extinction of species

Sorrow and misery
Severe bleeding and torture
Loss and destruction of mother Earth
No memories from before the dark era

Lost in an everlasting game
Can I say this is for all mankind the same ?
Are we all individuals who have no name ?

Gracious fire
Flame of eternity
Burning since the dawn of time
Forever heating our enraging mind

Raging thoughts
Enflamed brain
A chain of thoughts
Driving us insane
Can we survive the game ?

Played oh so foul
The game has entered its last hour
Nearing the end
Will we survive the downward trend ?

Death, destruction
Annihilation, desperation
Extirmination, extinction

Mankind on the brink of mass suicide
Brought onto us by nuclear rockets
And stupidity as fortold by some
Prophet with terrible hindsight

Let it all be decided by a roll of the dice
Let it be decided tonight
Hellish flames burning for all of mankind

The devil is awaiting all of you in his kingdom of pain
His army gaining numerous souls
and marching to thr gates of heaven for fame
Why does everyone alive think its a game ?

As the storm subsides
and the wind calms down
As early as the break of dawn
when no one has awoken yet
and the earth is still asleep
when the night creatures still creep
that’s when you fall down the abyss
Swirling in never ending fearfullness

Mind locked into a spin
Of insanity and crazy undoing
Souls ripped apart
Death from within the heart

Fields of grey
Am i going insane ?
Have I lost my ways?
Or is it just one of those days?

Whispers in my brain
Thinking of dying
Oh the insanity of the mass
Extinction of our race
Our big fall from grace

Awoken from a terrible dream
Nothing is what it seems to be
Oh release me,
Set me free
And unchain,
Get out of the rain
Safe me and shield me from my insane brain


Death is all around
It houses in every single sound
Why do we keep memories ?
To try and recall old stupid flashbacks
That we cant seem to sustain
Rotting inside my brain


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