It’s been a rough start!

Well, another post…. a good and happy new year to everyone and the best wishes!

It has been a rough start of the new year for me…… my girlfriend broke up, but i must admit that it is for the best.

I’d rather be good friends with her than in a relationship and argue all the time…… i am glad that we manage to stay friends so well… since it didn’t work this way with all my other ex-girlfriends. But this is different, my feeling about this is also different.. i don’t know why, but my feeling says to me that we should stay friends.

We saw it coming, but still, when it is actually over it is still a blow and it hurts because i love her and care about her, but because of that i also realize that this is the best solution for both of us.

On other subjects, i have started to work out again… created a schedule to train by. Cleaned the house and sorted out all sorts of stuff.



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