Microsoft get’s concerned about GNU/Linux!

Just a minute ago i’ve read an interesting blog about microsoft getting concerned about GNU/Linux.. YES!!!! Please let us hope that OpenSource/Free software will push that ugly piece of software that microsoft calls an operating system out of the market since i don’t even think it belongs on there… i mean look at how crap it is and how vulnerable etc etc.

Check it out at :

It’s official : Microsoft’s concerned about GNU/Linux

I must say that i was hoping that microsoft would remain ignorant and stick it’s head in the sand… but i would say bring it on.. linux beats windhoos at any time… (atleast that is my opinion). I just can’t believe that there are still people out there that are willing to pay 300 euros for Windows Vista… are you mental ? Gentoo Linux or Ubuntu or Fedora, just as Sun Solaris can all be downloaded for free and used for free… the only thing you don’t get is support… but you don’t get that with Microsoft either…. when you pay 300 euros for software you would expect atleast some sort of support.. but that has to be paid for seperately.

I would hereby like to call to all people : DITCH windhoos xp/vista and make the step to Linux. Nowadays it is easy to set up and you can even make it look just like Vista if you really like that crapy look 🙂



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