Feeling tired and slow


Does anyone else feel tired and slow lately ?
For some reason, i don’t know why, i feel really tired lately and everything seems to be going so slow.
I can’t seem to find energy during the day when i am at work and tend to fall asleep every now and then when i don’t watch it. When i get home in the evening though i tend to be full of energy and can hardly fall asleep at night.

I have already wondered what it could be : the weather, my own health, maybe the shift from wintertime to summertime ? But none of these seem to be the right explanation. I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that i need to go to ADHD screening on the 6th of May and it is already starting to press down on me…. or i have some sort of depression.

I just hope i get over this as soon as possible and find the energy again to get myself out of bed in the morning and get my ass in to work. I do get to work on time, but it is always a struggle to make it on time…

Well, till the next post!



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