Energy enough…. anyone want some ?


Just recently i was blogging about the fact that i was low on energy, but i don’t know how but i managed to refind my normal energy level again : really high πŸ™‚ It was really weird, last week i couldn’t get moving whatsoever but this week i feel like i am flying and i even managed to get some house chores done and get someone to come and check out the leaking bathroom (finally)… this was really necessary since the water was now coming down from the ceiling into the living room. Apparently it is all due to my upstairs neighbors who seem to have a leaky bathroom.
But anyway, i’m drifting off here….. it was about me not having energy to do anything last week and now having so much energy that i am flowing over so to say πŸ™‚ In a way it is nice, but it sometimes drives me crazy though since i want to do so many things at once that i feel overwhelmed sometimes and don’t know where to start, and when i’ve finally started something i lose interest in it after a minute or ten and start doing something else…. so basically i start loads of projects and most of those projects never get finished. I am trying to improve this but it turns out to be pretty hard, sticking with one thing and finishing seems like an impossible thing to do. I am only really satisfied when i can do multiple things at once… like cooking food, watching tv and browsing around on my pc πŸ™‚
It is really nice to have my normal energy level back though….. although it can be nice sometimes to do with a little bit less.

Well, till next time,



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