N73 software updates are nasty!


Since about a year ago when i got my new mobile in the mail, a Nokia N73, i have been struggling in trying to get it updated firmware/software wise… tonight i finally managed to get it working.. and you know what ? After it was done it had wiped away my entire phone! Man i was furious, i was really close to smaking the n73 against the wall and then step on it! Luckily for me i managed to control my anger and just grind my teeth over it and swear for 30 minutes long. On the other side, i now have a brand new and clean phone again which looks to be working a bit better than before 🙂

Once i got to the part where it finally allowed me to update the software it was done pretty quickly… it took about 20 minutes for a 70Mb update, but the shock horror when i found out that all my contacts/messages etc were wiped out nearly gave me a heartattack! Now i have the gruesome task to get all my contacts back, so that means waiting until they call me instead of the other way around.

Anyhow…. make sure you have a good backup of all the stuff on your phone before doing a software upgrade folks!




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