Diagnose ADHD

Hi All,

Back for another post. A little while back i have been diagnosed with ADHD… i must say that a lot of pieces suddenly fall into place since i know this and i can now finally start doing something about some issues. I kept bumping into the same problems over and over again and that made me decide to go and get myself screened for ADHD about a month ago. The diagnose was simple and it was quickly made : ADHD

Now since 3 days i am on medication and i must say that it is working pretty good. The medication eases down my hyperactivity symptoms a lot and therefor i can now finally sit still for a long while and keep my mouth shut while i am working and don’t talk to my screen all the time 🙂 I even drove from Amsterdam to Amersfoort with traffic jams and managed not to swear and shout all the time and just relax for the ride (This was not at all possible otherwise, i was usually swearing and shouting at everyone in the traffic jam).

I also found out that it makes my head clearer, it appears as if i see things more clearly now and not so blurry all the time. This feels like a blessing sometimes since it makes me appreciate more things in life than i used to before i started to take this medication. Sure, it is no wonderdrug and fix-it-all medication and i will need to work on other problems i have myself, but this is a good step in the right direction which gives me some confidence that the other problems are going to be fixed also aslong as i commit to it.

I still have a pretty lengthy road to go through probably, but i am committed and will stick to it because otherwise the treatment will not have much success. I am glad that i can already see changes and that makes me feel good about it.

Well, till next time.


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