School is out

Yesterday was my first day that i went back to school to start with my study for Master of Computer Science.

After i went over to the HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) last week to see which classes i could skip, it turned out that i can get my Master of Computer Science in 3 years.  After a busy week in which i had to supply the school with all my diploma’s and certificates that i’ve got in the past years and had to enroll for the study, yesterday it was finally the day that i would start. After having to sit through a presentation about the school for the first two hours, which mainly told about who the teachers are and what the school is doing, i had 2 hours of learning how to use Microsoft Word! I must say i was a bit disappointed with the program for the first day, but i was already told that the first four weeks will probably be a bit boring for me so i guess i just have to ride it out for the first four weeks and then the interesting stuff will start. All in all it looks like a good education and i am convinced that this will definitely fill the holes i have in my education. Starting from next week Monday i will also start get Relational Databases and SQL and Professional Skills. The Computer Architecture class i don’t need to follow because of all my previous certificates and diploma’s.

All in all it wasn’t that bad, it’s just the first four weeks which will be a bit of a pain 🙂

The bright side of it is that when i finish this in 3 years i am Master of Computer Science, and that’s the main reason i am doing this for… so i just need to stick with it and do my best!


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