School is out (2)

Ok, yesterday evening was another school evening and i must say that this class was better than monday.

The teacher was enthousiastic and he brought it in a really nice way. This is good because this class, Professional Skills, is probably one of the most important classes for me. This class will teach me Time Management, Meeting skills, giving and recieving feedback, SWOT analysis (Strengts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threaths analysis), and a lot more. Must have been the stress of the first week and all the extra pressure at work that made it all a bit difficult to swallow maybe.

The nice thing is that because of this class yesterday i got really enthousiastic about it and that makes me more enthousiastic about the entire education again as well. Not that i really needed this, because i was already enthousiastic enough. It’s just that the experience of last monday set me back a bit in my enthousiastic approach, but yesterday has completely made up for the experience of last monday.

Now it’s just a case of getting my Master of Computer Science (probably easier said than done 🙂 ).


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