Weekend woes!

Back for another post…. it was quite a weekend i must say. I went to go and get my car checked out and also for APK while i was there and after 4 hours the guy says that the transmission/clutch is completely broken and has to be replaced. All in all it would have costed me about 1500 euro’s, which was more than the car was actually worth so i decided not to repair it.  This presented me with a problem, how to get back to Amsterdam ?

Since i did not have a car anymore and i had the car checked out about 50 kilometers from Amsterdam i was a bit afraid i had no means of transportation anymore. Luckily my mother helped out and drove me back to Amsterdam. The next morning i went back to the garage, after my dad had picked me up, to check out a new car. They had a Citroen ZX from 1995 which looked good, so i took it for a testdrive. Turned out that this was a pretty good car for the price they wanted for it. In the end i bought the car, which saves me from going with public transport. The only downside for now is that there was no carradio in it and my one still needs to be built in, but driving around without a radio for a little while is better than not having a car at all.

After that i still needed to do my homework for school…. but i did not have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and since i run Fedora Core 9 on my laptop i had to install it in a CrossOver windows bottle. What a bloody nightmare this turned out to be, unbelievable. Every time i tried it it complained about the fact that the installation source was corrupt. In the end i abandonded the idea alltogether and did my homework on monday at work. I think it must have cost me nearly a day in total to try and get MS Office to work under CrossOver.  Anyway, i was glad the weekend was over ( must have been a first 🙂 ) and the week started.


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