Demons and Angels

Demons and Angels are fighting for your soul.

This fight will decide if you will go to heaven or hell, you don’t even notice this fight is going on because they hardly involve inferiour human minds into this brawl.

You will only know what it will be in the end when the fight for your soul is over and either the Demon or the Angel will take you home to either heaven or hell.

The decisions you take in your life, and if these decisions have derived from good or evil thoughts is what wheighs the most so keep an eye on what you do because otherwise the Demon will take you. If the Demon wins your soul will be lost forever in the pitts of hell and you will be enslaved to work there and live like in a prison cell.

Torture and pain is normal routine down there, so better make sure you get into heaven instead of down there because slavery is what you will need to do and every day again they rape you too.

Be aware all of you, Devils and Demons and Angels are fighting to catch you too, so keep in mind that you always have to be kind because otherwise the devil will own your soul which will make you a bloody fool.


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