Things in the night

In the night they will come out of their holes and caves to get you and make you their slave.

Enslaved you will have nothing to say, they will take your free will away. Demons and Devils want to make you their own so free will is something they will try to steal from you since you then have to obey and don’t have anything to say.

Once you are under their control they will not let you go. To break free from their grip will be something that is nearly impossible to realize without making a slip. If  you try to break free from the chains they have put on you, you will need to be 100% accurate and sure of your capabilities because if you fake it they will see that in your mind and eyes, because they are themselves masters in decieve and lies.

Be aware of the things that come out at night if you don’t want to give yourself a fright and end up without soul because they will steal that and then go….. and leave you behind with only an empty shell.. since they have already taken your soul to hell. The empty shell which is your body, will join your soul when you die and then you will forever be in hell and die, and die, and die… over and over again until you get sick of it and then you die again!


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