Nearly cracked…..

This week i nearly cracked and lost it all…. due to the pressure my work puts on me lately i nearly lost it all.

Last tuesday i was on my own all day and that was the last drop for me i guess since i just couldn’t go on like this anymore. On wednesday i was totally drained of all energy and i felt like all the life was sucked out of me. I told the story to my careeradvisor at HvA and she advised me to start thinking about myself some more and less about my work, this sounded like a good advice and i must say the last couple of days i’ve started to feel better again. I’m trying as hard as i can to let it all go and don’t care about work that much, therefor i have not done anything in the last couple of days that would remind of work in the evening. I’ve just watched some tv or did absolutely nothing and went to bed really early. This has gotten me back on track a bit and gave me some breathing space.

From now on i am going to place my own well-being on the first place so that i won’t crack or loose it (again). It takes some adjustment, but it is the best for me in the end and i am more use to myself still walking around happy and positive than depressed and feeling down!.


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