Getting rid of some stress

Another post…. midterms have finished yesterday and i must say it relieved me of quite some stress. Upfront you always wonder how it is going to be and if it is going to be difficult. I have to admit they weren’t as difficult as i expected them to be. The midterm for Software Engineering was multiple choice and easier than i expected. The midterm for Database Modelling was something else though, but i was lucky that i made a test in the afternoon which turned out to be nearly the same as the paper we had to make in the evening 🙂

Now, a day after the midterm i can feel that quite some stress falls of my shoulders, which is good!

I was far too stressed lately anyway, so a bit less stress is always welcome. The only downside is that this stress will probably return in about 2 months when i have the next couple of midterms 😦 but for now i have some breathing space until the next ones.

Now school is starting again next week and now i have to start with ITIL and Databases Physical instead of Conceptional. Also Software Engineering again and Professional Skills. Sounds like it is going to become interesting now (finally). We will see how it goes.


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