School started again

About a week ago i had my midterms for Software Engineering and Conceptional Database Modelling. The software engineering midterm was doable and the database midterm was a bit more challenging but not that hard either. I also had to make practical assignments for Software Engineering and then deliver them in digital form to the teacher. At first i thought the assignments were really hard, but when i started to work on them it looked like all the stuff i did with Java years ago all started to come back to me again and i finished 3 of the 4 assignments within an hour. The fourth one i had a bit more trouble with, but after some feedback from the teacher i managed to finish that one as well. In the end i managed to score a 8.5 average for my practical java assignments! I am amazed with this, i thought this was going to be the course i was going to have to do a lot of work for, but it definitely helped me that i have been busy with trying to learn java for the last 10 years or so. I just never really managed to stick with the learning program, but now that i have to…. because i have to show up at school, i find that all the stuff that i did years ago is slowly reappearing in my head again and this makes it all a bit easier to manage and comprehend.

The midterms are over and a new semester has started, now i am getting :

Software Engineering I


Professional Skills

Databases Physical & SQL

The SQL/Databases and Software Engineering I classes are definitely my favourites, but professional skills is really good as well. Ofcourse ITIL has to be followed, but i don’t really feel myself drawn to that side of the IT area. Up until now, i have done better at school than i expected, which is great!

I am ready for the next semester, bring it on!


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