Results back for my midterms

Hi All,

At the end of the month October i had my midterms for Conecptional Databases and Software Engineering.

With both midterms i was done in about 30 minutes and left the classroom, everybody was looking at me with a face that said : How the hell can you be finished already?

My gut feeling said to me that i did ok on both midterms and after comparing answers with my classmates for Software Engineering i was pretty sure that i passed that one. The midterm for Conceptional Databases was a bit more difficult and i was not sure if i did pass that midterm or not.

Now i have both grades back and i passed both midterms! Whoohoo!

For Conceptional Databases my grade is a 6 and for Software Engineering my grade is a 7.7.

I am thrilled and happy that i passed both midterms and don’t need to redo them in Januari…… that’s great!

If i manage to keep up the good work then i can certainly manage to get my Master of Computer Science in 3 years!


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