Still Sick!

So i went to the doctor again on monday and it turns out that i am not better yet. She gave me another 10 days worth of antibiotics and some weird nose-spray that i have to use. Apparently not everything was gone yet, but i already noticed that since i started to cough more again. Yesterday was terrible : threw up 8 times and had anger/anxiety and cry attacks as well as chills and moodswings. I am under the impression that these antibiotics neutralize my ADHD medication for some weird reason (although the doctor says that this is not possible). Anyway, back at work again today and i’ll see how it goes today…… hope i don’t have to throw up as much as i did yesterday.

It was pretty odd, because i felt pretty ok up until about 3 in the afternoon when i took my first Ritalin. After that all hell broke loose and i started throwing up gal all the time and i felt like i could cut someone to pieces so angry i was. I got scared of my own thoughts and wasn’t able to control them at all. After a little while the angry feeling went away and got replaced with sadness and i cried for about 30 minutes in a row and then i had to throw up again. Man i felt miserable and sick as hell.

Today seems to be going a bit better… no throwing up as of yet and no moodswings. After speaking with the doctor she assured me that the antibiotics are not neutralizing my ADHD medication and probably it was due to the fact that i was so sick of the bacteria being killed yesterday that my ADHD medication just did not work at all. I’ve noticed this more often i must say, the more stressed or sick i feel the less the ADHD medication seems to work. Anyway, she prescribed me something to take away the feeling of being nauseous all the time… i sure hope it is going to work and makes me feel a bit better.

In the end it is for the best though, need to get rid of this lung infection as soon as possible if you ask me 🙂


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