Hospital visit for lungphoto : chronic lungdisease

My anti-biotics have stopped since last week and I’ve made a hospital visit to the radiology department last thursday. This because I wanted to get pictures taken from my lungs to see if everything is allright. This due to the fact that I’ve been struggling with a lunginfection for over 2 months now. This morning I called the doctor to get the results. The outcome is : chronic lungdisease

So what exactly does this mean ? No idea yet, this because the photo probably only shows if there is a disorder or not. I am going back to the doctor on monday to talk about the outcome of this lungphoto and to discuss where to go from here. I assume I will need to make an appointment with a lungdoctor to get a more accurate answer as to which chronic lungdisease I actually have.

It is definitely COPD though, this because all the chronic lungdiseases fall under this caller. COPD holds chronic bronchitis, astma and some other lungdiseases underneath it. Also, looking at my family in which my dad has bronchitis and my mum has astma I’d say I have a pretty big chance of having one of them.  So the only question that currently remains is wether it is bronchitis or astma… either way I will have to adjust in some way.


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