Still coughing and smoking

Yesterday i’ve been to the lungspecialist in the hospital for the first time, this because of the results of the lungphoto i have had taken a little while back. Since i never really was a patient there before i first had to go and get my patientfile created. Then i had to go to the lungsection in the hospital with my patientfile.

First i had to speak with an assistant about my medical history and about what my exact complaints are. After telling the entire story, which he wrote down in my patientfile along with all sort of scribbly notes, he asked me to strip off all my clothes on my upper body.  After i had done that he asked me to breath in and breath out several times in a row so he could listen on various spots on my body at both the front and the back. When he was done he started tapping at various spots to see if there was any build up of liquids/fluids anywhere around my lungs. He also measured the oxygen level in my blood. Then he asked me to go back into the waiting room.

I waited in the waiting room for about half an hour and then i saw him walk by to the doctor’s office. A little while later i was called in by the assistant. The doctor again asked me to lift my clothes so he could also listen to my lungs. After he did that he told me that my lungs are clean with regards to the lunginfection i had a little while ago. He also told me that he would like me to stop smoking. I told him that i would love to stop smoking, but because of my adhd i can’t quit that easily. This is because when i stop smoking i immediately become hyperactive again, so i will have to stop by other means. I’ve already started by writing down the moments that i light up a cigarette so that i can try and fill up these moments with doing something else when i quit smoking. Probably i will try to quit smoking by either using nicotine-gum or nicotine-patches and then gradually degrade the amount of nicotine in the gum or the patches.

He was glad to hear that i am already making plans to stop smoking. He then told me that they don’t know yet what the problem is so therefor he wants me to come back again on the 28th of January for the first lungtest, then on the 3rd of February i have to come back for the second lungtest and on the 11th of February i will hear the results. In the mean time he has prescribed Ventolin Diskus which i can take when i am out of breath. So i don’t know anything more yet and have to wait more than a month before i really know what i going on, but atleast the steps have been taken to do something about it now all we have to do is these tests and then wait for the outcome.


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