Another round of midterms

So i had another round of midterms last week. On Monday i had Software Engineering and on Wednesday i had ITIL and Databases/SQL. Even though i did not go to school for about the last 3 months i still applied for doing the midterms. I mean, i can better try because you never know if you might pass or not.

The midterm we had to do for Software Engineering last Monday was easier than i expected it to be. There were some though questions in the midterm, but overall i did not find it that hard. After the midterm i had a pretty good feeling about it. I must also say that i was pretty lucky with what we had to learn for the midterm for Software Engineering because i was exactly at the end of the same chapter as the classes had stopped with so i did not have to learn a lot for that class.

The midterms we had to do for ITIL and Databases/SQL last Wednesday were a total different story though. The ITIL class i never visited at all and i was under the impression that we only had to learn chapter 14 while it turned out we had to learn chapter 1 up until chapter 14 (ooops 🙂 ). Even though i only learned 1 chapter instead of 14 i did not find the midterm difficult, it was even easier than i expected it to be. Even when you consider the fact that i did not learn the correct theory for the midterm and i never visited the classes. I have a pretty good feeling about that midterm. The Databases/SQL midterm is a totally different story on the other hand, i did not really learn anything for that midterm and i stopped with the midterm after 15 minutes because i just did not know what to fill in. Therefor i am expecting a really bad grade for that one.

Doesn’t really matter how they turn out because i can always redo them in a couple of months. This will add extra pressure to the workload again though, so i’d rather pass them all…. but we’ll see.


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