Chronic Lungdisease (continued)

Another post about the tests i am undergoing to find out what is really wrong with my lungs…. I’ve been to the hospital again for both lungfunctionality tests. The first test was for measuring my lungcapacity and to see if anything is wrong with that. It turns out that there is nothing wrong with my lungcapacity. My capacity was 130% without the inhaler πŸ™‚ , but offcourse this got me worried : do i really have something or is it all just in my head…..

The second test was a week later and was an allergy test to see if i am allergic against my 2 maine coons, or against dust etc. In total they tested 19 different things, but first i had to do a breathing test with histamine. They measured the starting lungcapacity : about 6 liters. Then they started to spray certain amounts of histamine in my troath while i was breathing in and out through the machine. At first nothing happened, but after 2Β  or 3 lower doses of histamine in the breather i started to loose lungcapacity. The latest test showed a capacity of 4 liters. At this point it looked like i am allergic to histamine.

The allergy test had to prove that though, so i got 19 small pinches with a tiny needle in my arm where they placed the different substances. Number one was histamine and number 17 where my cats…… the moment the fluid of number one got pinced with the needle it started to itch like crazy. After 10 to 15 minutes a red bump appeared on my arm where the histamine was. None of the other substances i responded to, so i do not need to get rid of my cats πŸ™‚

So it turns out i am allergic to histamine. Next week is the appointment with the lungdoctor, i am curious to see what he has to say and what the treatment is going to be….


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