The attempt to quit smoking

Ever since i heard that i might have a chronic lungdisease back in December last year, the idea to quit smoking started to get into my head. At a certain point i tried to stop by going cold turkey, but this made me hyperactive again because the stress levels then become so high that the stress blocks out my medication i take for adhd. Therefor going cold turkey was not an option and i had to find another way.

At a certain point i thought about quitting by using nicotine gum, but when i tried it it turned out it had so much sugar in it that every time i took a gum i got a sugar rush out of it and that sucks considering that i pretty much have given up on sugar. So i have decided that when i quit i am going to use nicotine patches. This is, for me, going to be the best option since i also smoke first thing when i get out of bed.

I have already managed to reduce the amount of cigarettes i smoke from about 250 cigarettes a week to about 100 cigarettes a week. I do not actually smoke cigarettes, but shag. So i used to smoke about 5 packs of shag a week, now that has been brought down to 2 packs of shag a week.  I don’t think i can get it down any less then this without quitting completely. I haven’t planned the exact date yet, but i am pretty sure it is real close now. First see what the lungdoctor has to say next Tuesday…. ofcourse he is going to say i have to quit smoking, that’s probably going to be his opening line 🙂


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