The latest visit to the hospital.

So i’ve been to the hospital again yesterday morning. This because i’ve completed all the lung functionality tests and also the blood test and therefor i had to come back to the lungdoctor to get all the results and hear what he thinks there is wrong with me.

From the moment i walked into the room i had the idea that he was telling me some weird story….. here’s how it sort of went : Good morning Mr. Behrens, a yes you’ve had all the tests i can see from your hospital records. Yes, yes… so the outcome is that there is nothing wrong with you Mr. Behrens. The allergic reaction to histamine is normal and your lungcapacity is well over 100% so there is nothing for you to be worrying about.

I was a bit surprised by this, because my lungcapacity dropped with about 30% with the histamine inhale tests, but he says everything is fine. So i told him that i do use the inhaler atleast twice a day because i don’t get enough air in and also because i am out of breath after walking up only 4 stairs. After that i have to regain my breath for about 10 minutes. I also cough up abnormal amounts of fluids and am still having problems with my ears / nose as well.

As soon as i told him this he said to me that i have no chronic astma, but he did not mention chronic bronchitus at all….. weird. Also, he is saying that there is nothing wrong with me, but he is still prescribing me the inhaler and also a different one which should slow down the infections !?! I thought he just said to me that there was nothing wrong with me, so why prescribe me an anti-infection inhaler along with the normal inhaler ? He also wants to see me back in another six weeks…. i find this all very odd and can’t escape the thought that he might be suspecting something which he does not want to tell (yet).

Anyway, i am neatly going to follow his orders and do as he says. We’ll see in six weeks what the status is and what he has to say about it then i guess….


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