Education on the side track…

My education has gone a bit on the side track for now. After speaking with school and thinking about it, i’ve decided to stop for this year and continue again next year. I didn’t really like the decision I had to make, but I had no other choice. Considering the fact that I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me healthwise, trying to master my ADHD and also doing oncall duties for the last 3 months… it became clear that my health and work were the most important things right now and I was not able to also handle school at the same time.

Since I already told the dean at school about my situation I was allowed to come back next year, otherwise I would have gotten a negative study advice and I would not have been allowed to come back ever again.  A couple of weeks ago I’ve had my exit conversation with my study-advisor. The Information-Technology department coordinator already said to me : See you in 6 months 🙂

I am definitely committed to starting again in 6  months and finishing my education. Lately my enthousiasm for Unix and programming has found new energy and i’ve been working with Solaris and complex projects for my day to day job more and more since the new year. This in turn has fueled my enthousiasm for unix and programming again, so I am anxious to start Software Engineering again next year.

In the mean time I will be doing Oracle SQL Fundamentals courses and also Solaris ZFS Administration, these courses will  help me understand SQL better and ofcourse : ZFS


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