The Alvesco inhaler works…

In my last post I told you all about my last visit to the lungspecialist and that he prescribed me with an inhaler called alvesco even though he himself thought that there was nothing wrong with me. After he prescribed me the new inhaler I started to use that instead of the Ventolin Diskus. This inhaler only had to be taken once or twice a day (I take it in the morning) and then if everything goes ok you should not need the Ventolin anymore.

And indeed, after two weeks (this is the time it takes for the medicine to reach its most optimal effect) I started to feel much better. I already noticed the difference when I started to take the Alvesco, but after two weeks it became even more clear. The coughing has reduced tremendously and is now mostly only when I just wake up. Ofcourse I also do cough every now and then when I smoke (yep, I haven’t given that one up yet 🙂 ), but I wasn’t counting on that to disappear too :-).

My overall health has improved and I feel much better now then 3 or 4 months ago… The energy I used to have has  come back completely and luckily I have enough energy again to also do things in the evening instead of just lie on the couch or go to bed really early.

In 2 weeks I have another appointment with the lungspecialist, I am curious to see what he is going to say and what the next steps are going to be…


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