Health update

Back for another update, I know it’s been a while since my last post ( believe it was somewhere in March) and a lot has happened since then 🙂

I’ve made another visit to the house doctor because I wanted to know the full story with regards to my lungs and what the lungspecialist from the hospital had send through to her. It turns out that the lungspecialist either did not have the guts to tell me in my face that I have chronic bronichitis or he has is under the impression that it has some other root cause…. anyway, what he told the house doctor in his letter/email to her was that I suffer from chronic bronchitus. He says that there is nothing wrong with me, because I improved 80% the last time I visited him…. but this was when I was already taking the Alvesco. No wonder I showed so much improvement, was he smoking ? 🙂 The house doctor has assured me that I have nothing to worry about as long as I keep taking the Alvesco and the Ventolin. The lungspecialist did send her an indefinite recipe for both these medications…. Isn’t this a weird story ?

All in all I am happy because I have medications that works for me and solves my problems, the only weird thing is the lungspecialist who says one thing to me and another thing to the house doctor. My overall health is improving though, but this is because I keep taking the Alvesco every morning when I wake up and the Ventolin whenever I run out of breath during the day.
I have also started to do fitness again for a minimum of 3 times a week and it helps a lot with regards to my physique and also my endurance.

The house doctor gave me another couple of Alvesco’s and also some nose spray against a middle ear infection, as it turns out that that is still not gone. Weird stuff that nose spray is, need to use it for over a month and am not allowed to take it in the morning with my Alvesco, so I take it after work when I get home but it gives me a weird feeling in my head afterwards. It does help though since a lot of “crap” has come out of my ears since I started to use it.

It is improving though and that’s good 🙂


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