And another post….  since there has been a lot of things happening with regards to school as well.
Not with regards to getting grades etc. since I am not following classes at the moment, no the issues are with the fact that school said that I did not fill in all the forms to exit correctly by the first of March. So it turned out I was still enlisted for the last couple of months…

At some point, I was not aware of the fact that I did not properly unregister, I recieved a letter from school with therein a BAS. This stands for a definitive negative study advice, Bindend Afwijzend Studieadvies, and I freaked out because this ment I could not re-enlist again at the start of the new year.

So I started to email around and it turned out I had to fill in another form which I needed to pick up at the coordinator’s office. At some point the dean also got involved and he is now going to tell the exam committee that I have special circumstances due to my chronic lungdisease and lunginfection. So I now have an appointment next thursday with the dean to clear it all up and then I can hopefully register for next year to start all over again to get my master of computer science 🙂


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