Every morning when I wake up,
I have the feeling that today is going to be the day that everything will blow up in my face!

You know what I mean
The apocalypse of this rotten globe
The dawn of the end
The final destruction of mankind·

Finally… justice for the biggest Idiot,
The biggest asshole,
Wait, I’m not done….
The biggest pollutor,
The biggest destructor,
And yes, you can still go on….
And on…… And on…..

Human kind has lost the right to live
When mankind took a big dive
Downwards with regards to respect to Nature
That moment besealed mankind’s future.

Mankind was born to die
That’s no reason to cry
And if you do… you deserve to die
The others lift up and become free and fly….
Because accepting death as a part of live will be the key to let your soul survive!


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