Education has started again

So… school has begun again since the beginning of this week.
Twice in the evening I’m going back to school, so to say, to get my Master of Computer Science.
Offcourse, first I have to get my Bachelor of Computer Science. This is going to take me about two and a half to three years, when I don’t fail anything :-), and then I still need to go for the Master af that šŸ™‚

A big class has started this year, about 75 if I saw the list correctly, which makes the classes a bit crowded offcourse.
Luckily we don’t have courses where we have to sit with the entire class, because otherwise you would probably hardly pick anything up. For me, the first 10 weeks are only 2 hours on Monday and 2 hours on Wednesday, this because I got exemptions for the classes I already completed successfully last year (anything above 7). After that it is back to the full four and a half hours per evening šŸ˜¦

Thrilled to get started again, even though I have two weeks of holiday the next couple of weeks but have to go to school in the evening!


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