The Raven

Oh so beautifull great black bird
Hope to see you fly high up in the sky
Your silhouet crosses the ground in the rays of the sun
Then you land to greet me with a nice nod and I
admire you while standing at the side of the grass
where you just did land.

Raven, rook and crow. Nicest of the black birds or so I find,
atleast says my mind from somewhere way back in the regions
that are from old age. The association with death is not right,
they are wonderfull birds and full of might when you watch
them in full flight.

If you respect them and approach them with care they won’t
get a scare and let you admire their nice posture and their
beautifull stare. They are not a bird you should feel a scare
for when it approaches through the air.

It has grace, is not there primarily to attack but to live
next to the human race.
Since we build more and more, we need to let these birds
explore the new parts of their habitat or atleast the concrete
building that looks like something close to a nest to some of those.
Most of them move away, even though I hope they stay.
Love to see them more around because they are the nicest birds in town.


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