The bird of rebirth
The bird of reincarnation
The bird of salvation
The bird that gave me another chance
at winning the game of live and being able to survive
in the ever lasting battle of souls going upwards instead of being dragged down
into the abyss of horror and evil.

Oh, the ones that do not understand, they who
think materialism is the answer to all questions at hand.
They will be the ones to go at first, then the ones that do not believe
everything was created by the great mind at the beginging of all times in the first ages of all time.
And as third anyone that has crossed the imaginary line, the one between good and crime.

The phoenix does differentiate between those things over the years of time.
This bird only helps the ones that are good at heart.
It leaves the rotten ones lying in the gutter for a start.
The phoenix is there for anyone with a good heart to spare!


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