Now I Know !

Upon recieving my long expected book
I opened it and took one look
Immediately I knew this was it for me
The thing I’ve been searching for all years long
Hearing the melody of a cheerfull song
Echoing in your brain
And knowing you’re not going insane

Past experiences and questions fall into place
Immediately things of the past are either solved
or erased in an instant phase
It magically turns a smile upon my face
It makes me feel whole
And says that I’ve discovered my place
And also the way I should follow
the rest of my life to not feel hollow
To complete my soul
To fullfill my goal
And enrich my soul

To sum it up :

My ending is glowing and songs direct me to where I need to be going
No more rebirths to fullfill my destiny and soul’s will
Finally free, destined to be.


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