The Pope

So, looking at the recent events in the world, let’s look at how you could start to look at this in a certain way.
It’s quite funny and could very well, oh no scrap that!, will certainly offend a lot of people.

The anti-christ is said to come to earth to rule a great nation with a lot of followers and will go to war.

Say that the pope is the anti-christ, since he is the leader of a great nation with a lot of followers everywhere and he has influence in nearly all countries wrt politics and religion… since he talks to all the world leaders. The organisation/country (since the Vatican is a country, with it’s own coin, it’s own bank, it’s own police force etc…) he leads does a lot of evil deeds! They have been in the news lately, I’d say with things you can’t so easily forgive like the pope did. Come on, how the hell did pictures of the girls Dutroux abused and kidnapped end up with the Belgium catholic Cardinal ?
And all these reports around the world about child abuse by the so called good priests of the Holy Word ?

Can’t say it’s a surprise, but the latest pope is the anti-christ in disguse….. look at his past with the Hitler-Jugend my son.
Do you really think you can make up for that with celebacy you apparently don’t seem to keep because you are abusing young children, which is sick and weak ?

The Vatican seems like a bunch of liars to me, but the pope still says that there is nothing wrong inside his organisation…. he even tried to cover stuff up when he was younger and still a cardinal and not a pope. I’d say he shouldn’t have become pope and should have been hung from a rope!

Just recently he called for going to war against the downfall in the west european nations of believers in his so called holy word.
We need to be turned back into slaves of his regime so he can beat the rest of the world when he declares war on them. You are either with him or against him. I would be against this idiot, moron and retard that they now call the pope!

Anyway, this was just a chain of thought, which was interesting to follow… maybe it is true, maybe not… only if you want to go deep enough into the rabbithole one might eventually know! 🙂


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