Goodbye OpenSolaris, it was fun as long as it lasted…..

A little while back Oracle announced OpenSolaris will be discontinued…. that’s a real shame.
From the day it was announced and the distro came out I installed it and enjoyed it. It was an excellent operating system, more advanced than any other operating system on this planet if you would ask me! Therefor I regret Oracle’s discission, but we’ll see what the future brings us with IllumOS 🙂

Reading this article I noticed the comment below from deet which I think sums it up nicely :

Even for those who never used OpenSolaris, this is a moment worth reflection. Osol is in its own class of Unix performance, capability, and reliability in an accessible distribution, and there’s no getting around that. Whether it’s better or worse than Linux is beside the point; it’s a rare exotic breed, advanced in a number of categories over competitors, and for what it was able to do and for the community that grew to support it, it was and remains unequaled. This callous, dispassionate excommunication by its new corporate-world custodian may have been inevitable, but it is no less shameful. Wrong thing to do? Maybe, maybe not… and soon enough, it really won’t matter. Sad just the same? Without a doubt.

As when Apple killed the clones and ended Power Computing, as when Commodore let Amiga slip through its fingers, Oracle has now relegated a milestone of accessible advanced operating system technologies to the sidelines of progress.

Of course, we’ll move on. Industrious supporters will make what they can of a fork. Other platforms will re-implement these advancements. Eventually all this will be eclipsed by something even greater. But today, we can say a great operating system has come and gone, having made great strides for the general community, yet cut well short of its promise. Years from now, when our beards are a little more gray, we’ll remember it fondly.


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