Light Surpreme
Who art the druid in Nature and
Dwellest in it’s inner most parts as in Heaven
Hallowed be thy qualities and laws.

Wherever thou art
All is brought to perfection
May the realm of thy knowledge become subject onto Thee!

May our will in all our work be only Thee
Self moving Power of Light!
And as in the whole of Nature
Thou accomplishest all things
So accomplish all things in our work also

Give us the Dew of Heaven
And the Fat of the Earth
The Fruits of the Sun
And Moon from
The Tree of Life

And forgive us all errors
Which we have committed in our work
without knowledge of Thee
As we seek to turn from their errors
those who have offended our precepts

And leave us not to our darkness and our own science
But deliver us from all evil through the perfection
of The Work!



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