In a couple of weeks I will be
Going to see for myself
How one of the greatests minds of our time
Has been laid to rest in his last grave.

Jim, I will be visiting you
Since I have to have taken the trip
To your last resting place
And feel your presence

Mr. Mojo Rising
The Lizard King

For me, the one that sings
With his heart and soul
To transmit the feeling
That lives deep within

People might say anybody
can sing like you used to do
But nobody has even come close
to what you used to sound like
so I guess it is harder than they all think

Maybe people should be less judgemental
and more open and sincere
that would bring us all closer and more near
to eachother and oneself and nature too

Maybe someday people will get it, but I fear
that at that point it might all be too late my dear


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