Started with a new beginning….

Now more than a year ago, somewhere around August 2013 I stopped taking all my ADHD medication and chronic bronchitis medication from one day onto the other. About one month later, somewhere in September I managed to loose all my self written poetry (around 1500 to 2000 pages of scribbles spread over more than 6 books). Because I was stupid enough (and stoned enough) to forget them….aaarrrgh 😦

At first I was totally lost and filled with despair and sorrow about loosing all those books, but now many months later I have the feeling that it was meant to happen so I could let go of those old writings and scribbles (the, in my opinion, best ones I’ve posted here anyways 🙂 ). Now I’ve started from scratch and believe it was the best thing to do! Since then I’ve written loads of new things and I feel free and unchained with regards to all my older poems 🙂

Just recently, like two months ago, I also found out that the dutch government has put my ADHD medication (concerta) on the banned medication list here in The Netherlands due to the side-effects of suicide and sudden death…..I was pretty shocked to find out that my psychiatrist and my doctor knew this already and still kept prescribing it to me because they don’t care and want to keep doing “a test-case” with people…..what the hell ?

Ever since I stopped with concerta, my stomach pains have gone away and lots of other problems….which turned out to all be side-effects. It is ridiculous how they use us as test subjects.

Ofcourse my ADHD troubles me more than before, but I guess I just have to find a way to live with that instead of being a test/lab rat for the pharmacutical companies!


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