About n1c0b (not up to date anymore wrt hobbies etc)


Yeah, the about page hΓ© ? So, what is it actually that this page is all about ?
Is it me or the blog ? That’s a good one… usually people asume the about page is about the person that creates and/or writes the blog,  but you could also look at it from another angle and see the about page as the page that is about the reason that this blog was created in the first place. Was it because he/she wanted to follow the flock and become another sheep in the already huge  pile of sheep or did he/she have different motives or reasons to start this blog ?

Anyway… enough of that… my reasons were clear : I needed a space to vent some air and thoughts! And ofcourse to dump all the poems that come flying into my head all of the time πŸ™‚

So, on to the stuff about me… I’m a tall blond dutch guy in his thirties who likes to play around with (real)computer systems running Unix (so no Windows crap!). The orientation within Unix is towards Oracle Solaris mainly for both SPARC and x86 systems and for the rest I also maintain RedHat/CentOS/Debian systems on the side.

My hobbies are Alchemy, Shamanism, practical Magick, Music, writing poems, playing the harmonica and the electrical guitar as well as playing my bongos…..  πŸ™‚ and playing RuneScape if I find the time for it πŸ™‚

Whenever I am  not working I am practicing one of the above hobbies in my spare time or I’m reading a good book about any of the above hobbies.

Besides that I also like to go to festivals and concerts as much as I can.

I also have two maine coon cats called Chico and Pango who want some attention (well, some attention… you can make that a lot of attention πŸ™‚ ). Sadly a little while back we had to put Pango to sleep due to cancer –> R.I.P. Pango (27-09-2014)

If you want to see what I look like then you can check me out onstage @ de melkweg in Amsterdam at a Less Than Jake concert a couple of years back (http://youtu.be/sEHYMIQWYyc) or check the picture of me down here πŸ™‚ –> that’s from zc2015 



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