To save mother earth…

Let mankind blow itself to pieces Then the rest of nature can Recover and survive Mankind is the cancer This world has to get rid of To stay alive To cure nature And mother earth Mankind has to Disappear from This beautiful round globe And it has to become extinct To let all the other […]

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The disease

What is this world coming to ? People killing each other for their beliefs And for any other stupid reason Humans murdering against It’s own kind Why have we slipped so far down Into darkness and violence ? We have destroyed mother earth And have been raging war Since our birth The world should Get […]

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Screams inside Cannot hide Pain stabbing me Feeling so awkwardly Strange sensations Chills down my spine Why do we keep living Our wasted lives? Humanity should try To be more peaceful Instead of trying To strive To murder Anyone who does not think alike

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The shadow

Moon is full Dark is night Rain falling down A frightening night Darkness sucks away All the light Shadows dance All around Trying to catch you And take you away To a shimmering world Beware beware Of the shadow Everywhere everywhere

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Sorrow and pain

The drama and The pain Not going away Keeps coming back Day after day Sorrow and regret Bad memories You will never forget Cannot escape Or run away From all The past sorrow and pain

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Poison called war

Wasps swarm around Stinging anyone on the way Like we seem to shoot people nowadays War is poisoning the world Its venom creeping into every crack We have to find a way to reverse it back

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Crossroad ahead Which exit to take next? Am I going to survive And come back on top Healthy and alive ? Or will I take the wrong turn? What will I find there ? Will I crash and burn?

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Steering feelings

Dark storms Clouds over your head Rain falling down Wind howling Your senses disorientated Your body lost Wishing you were dead Emotions flowing Need to control And steer my soul So I can feel happy and fine

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  How subtle Or hard Can life be Sometimes We seem So overwhelmed That we Desperately Try to find Solutions That We cannot see  

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Shine a light Moon of the night Let me see where I go Don’t let me get lost Don’t make me wander off Guide me to where I need to be Set me free Moon full and white Shining full of pride Be my guide Walking through the forest Trees all around Faces in the […]

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If thoughts slip away Where do they end up? Tell me please ? Where do they find refugee ? Will anything get lost ? Will anything get blown away ? Destroy and time will tell If history will survive Be true to the story Written down Instead of Imagined And Or fantasized Will we still […]

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Help me survive

Dark and negative feelings Drawing me into the abyss Making me fall into forgetfulness Killing me every night Over and over again Help me out my friend Falling deeper And deeper Sorrow and pain Lock the chain And make it Forever rain Can I escape ? Leave this rotten place ? Help me survive And […]

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Bending the curve

Scarred and broken A feeling of being torn apart Life can hit you so damn hard That you fall and break Chaos, and not being able to take Any more crap in any form of way Crawl out of that misery Crawl out of that place Pave and create a new way Stick with it […]

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Started with a new beginning….

Now more than a year ago, somewhere around August 2013 I stopped taking all my ADHD medication and chronic bronchitis medication from one day onto the other. About one month later, somewhere in September I managed to loose all my self written poetry (around 1500 to 2000 pages of scribbles spread over more than 6 […]

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The future ?

Imminent death Soul collected And then forget A life full of regret. What is the big secret ? Tell the world So they might learn Although I think We’ve passed the point of no return. How much longer ? Will it take Until we realize We’ve wasted the human race ?

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Being reborn

Dark thoughts overcoming me Consuming my total being Wasting every feeling Destroying my inner child Consuming all left of my soul and psyche Killing my every personal way of surviving. Trying to resurrect my soul Trying to survive it all Trying to be all I can be Disregarding humanity Throwing it all away And evolving […]

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Dark thoughts

Darkness surrounds me Death is all I see Demons trying to devour and eat me Struggles of a magnitude beyond the grasp of reality. Wars raging inside fights against thoughts night after night Doesn’t matter if you are In the darkness or in the light They will find and haunt you till you die.

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Darkness of night Shadows around to scare and taunt you tonight. be afraid and watch every move they will try and catch and then eat you alive

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Small scribbles

All in earnest Call of the wild Death of an underaged child Warm and cold Blood runs red The world is underfed Everyone is marked for death ———————— Rain falling down On the streets It falls on the heads Of the people that walk On the sidewalk And makes them wet The experience of rain […]

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Ancient shapes Dark and awake Aware of all that is around Them and emits energy to Feed and comfort them. Satyrs on the run Watch out for the devils And demons my son! Shadows and shapes In the night They are awake When mankind sleeps They hunt and feed Once attached It is hard to […]

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Feeling sick and not fine Somehow a bad virus Has managed to overthrow My system and mind Battle going on inside Raging through my very being It is not a nice feeling The cure has to be found Someway I’ll get better And walk around Feeling fine and good again In both mind and spirit […]

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Boiling under the surface ?

Raw and chaotic emotions Got loose out of their solid cage They’re out for doing some carnage and rage Beware of their influence On my sanity and mental state. Dark and raw emotions boil Surfacing into a pool of complete turmoil Thightening the already tightened coil Someone’s blood will spill And stain the already rotten […]

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Small scribbles

All in earnest Call of the wild Death of an underaged child Warm and cold Blood runs red The world is underfed Everyone is marked for death ———————— Rain falling down On the streets It falls on the heads Of the people that walk On the sidewalk And makes them wet The experience of rain […]

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Darkness in my mind

My mind is raging in chaos Depressive thoughts are setting in Thoughts about leaving this world And finally push my life into the ending Like a tornado storm it rages by It tries to convince me Of the thought that life Is not worth anything anymore And ending it all is the option to go […]

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