The Nameless One :-)

All of a sudden she came into my life

First as an accident I spoke to her

Then I tried to exclude her from

All the bullshit surrounding my vibrational hum

At some point something grew inside of me

A new feeling of love, strong and returned by thee

Welcome is this mutual feeling of love and respect

I promise I will try not to neglect

You as a person and woman that I can talk and relate to

Committed to build this up and sustain through

I love what you have done for me and thank you publicly.

Love & Light

A message is send that holds a new nature oriented mind of Love & Light. This message comes from above, from the True Allmighty called YaHWeH and it is so that He has told me that His message should be more of compassion and strength and love and light instead of anything else

The Next Day

The day after I rested I was immediately “observed” and “talked about” by the so called “experts” and I hate being a study object. Go and study a leaf on a tree branch or praise your God instead of chasing me around on a Sunday!

Feel connected

How weird it has been lately, but finally feeling full circle since a long time I must admit. My energy and spirit are fully restored and back to old levels that I used to experience before I got drained from my spirit and drive to make something of this live but since about two weeks I have found my path has been adjusted and new meaning has become apparent in my life and journey. It has been a long ride and a difficult year with all sorts of revelations of all kinds of things


Liefde voor jou

Het overwint 

Al het andere dat ik niet vind

Jij geeft mij de kracht 

Een ongekende oude macht 

Die ik voor goed gebruik in de nacht 

Het tijdstip van de jacht 

Bijna klaar met mijn taak 

Deze keer niet verzaakt

Wereld weer in balans geraakt 

Zolang de liefde over ons waakt 


Ash brings rebirth

Fire that consumes

and then gives birth

to a new and fresh existence

The phoenix, practically immortal,

is rising and gathering strength

to be able to go all the way

and sustain it into unknown lengths

For You

Maniu, I love you

Always and

days after days

and oh so true

my love is deep

and the one thing

i will keep
always and forever

is the feeling

burning inside so deep

love you always

Stroll around

To just stroll around and let my mind settle down

Thats a heavenly feeling nowhere else is ever found

Happyness and joy all in one bundle and packaged ready to reciece and apply

Out of rhis world and so beautifull and pure cleansing of the soul

To grow and learn and live and go

Move forward and become the one

You had to become long ago


sun shine on me

let your light be

and let it energize

and charge the inner piece

of me that has been set free

The struggle to swim to the light

To get rid of darkness and fright

To finally start living my life

Together in flight

While I noticed her she turned herself around and I realized that she is the only woman that I want to have in the rest of my life

Not as a possession, but for accompanying me on our love bound interesting flight through day and night into the light

We make it 

Last night I saw the most beautifull woman that I fell in love with before  my eyes.

Again she sizzled and also managed to arrouse and inspire my body and ever happy loving mind.

Inside I no longer wish to hide

Committed to, together with you Maniu, enjoying life

Love rules

In all of my mind and body love rules and makes me feel funny.

the feeling so super and i want this to last until the end of our lives

to be, at some point in time, husband and wife and be happy together in life

start the sun

brake into the light

slip into the night
dying is in the air
don’t be scared
conquer fears
be victorious and survive
race between being dead
or being alive

Rotting world

The world is slowly becoming a rotten appleWaiting to be smashed to apple juice 

What happened over time ?

It does not get better like fine wine

But gets sour and like vinnegar

Such a shame we are destroying the world

We evolved and became our own disease

Killing mankind with the simplest of ease


Darkness overcomes my mind

Cant escape, nowhere to hide

Demons feeding on me

Eating my soul

Cant run, no escape from their goal
My mind dying

My eyes crying

My brain sinking

No more thinking
Death all around

No escape

Hell bound

No way out

To be found

The wandering

Wandering through darkness
Moving slowly and confused
Amplified emotions
Weird chaotic mind

At the edge of insanity
I will find
Someone with whom I can
Share and enrich my mind

The journey I had to tak

Was one of hurts and pain

but now I have a substantial gain

Hoping this feeling will stay

Trying to escape…

Fire, burning inside
Can’t run away and hide
Never ending
Fight to survive
Death and pain
All around
And attacking from all sides

No where to run
Facing a loaded gun
What have we started ?
Scared and startled
We run away
But death catches us
And we perish right there
Can’t escape
From our hellish faith

Dreaming of darkness

I won’t be saved
By all the days
Coming after
This dreadful day
Unless I would
Manage to change my way

Dark clouds
And thunder
Hanging over my head

Wish I was dead
And relieved from
This horrifying continues thread

Become real

Have you seen the sun ?
Come up in the morning
After the night was just gone ?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed ?
Or ever felt completely alone ?

Have you experienced floating
Outside of your body and mind ?
What did you feel at that point in time ?

Realize, feel
And become real

Be thankful

Oxygen fills our breathing air
Without it
We would be so helpless
How would we be able
To survive ?

Life on this planet
Has grown
In extraordinary circumstances

We should be
So thankful
We came to be alive

To survive do what is right

I am unconscious but awake
Feeling demons pulling on me
To take me down into the abyss
And take my soul and spirit away

Darkness and pain
Have to battle
To fight it off me
And scare it away

Angels of light
Fighting at my side
Night after night
To free me from the dark side

Epic battle
Raging for ages
Between devils
And beings of light

Will not be over
In one other night
Still no end
Of this war
In sight

For your soul to survive
Make sure
You always try to
Do what is right

Old memories

Boiling up to the surface
Old memories long forgotten
Re-entering my conscious brain
And making me relieve
Those times long ago once lived.

Some are happy
Some are sad
But all in all
It ain’t bad

Does give the chance
To,put everything
Into perspective
Makes me believe
That so far
I have lived
More than most people
Ever did
And I’m glad
I have taken this path